Monday, March 26, 2012

Our lives are forever changed!

My Labor Story

I figured I'd post this just because I don't want to forget it!  

We for some reason thought that baby was for sure going to come early, I was super active during my pregnancy and always on my feet, even though she was my first.  I think we just wanted her to come early so bad that we had convinced ourselves that it was going to happen.  The week before my due date I made sure to go to the gym as much as possible and run, hoping this would do the trick. Randy also made sure that I bounced on our exercise ball every night for about thirty minutes (another trick we heard worked).  Well no such luck.

As my due date (January 30) came closer we were really ready for her to get here! My midwife told me on my due date that she thought for sure I'd go into labor in the next couple of days.  We went ahead and told my mom to head up to MT just so she would be here to help our when we were in the hospital.  Well she came up and we got a whole week to waste some time with her! It was nice though it helped the time go by faster!  I had an appointment on Thursday, which was a couple of days past my due date, to get checked and to see if anything was moving along.  I hadn't changed a ton so we decided that we had better get induced just because of all the testing that has to be done if you go longer than 41 weeks, I guess.  Saturday morning we were set to be induced at 5am.  We were so excited, but still had another day to kill which seemed like forever of course!  

Saturday, February 4th - 5 am

We get all settled in our room at the hospital and I got started on antibiotics for strep B and Pitocin. When I checked in I think I was still at a 1.5 but almost fully effaced. At this point I was still planning on having a 'natural' birth.  I had heard that Pitocin makes labor a lot more difficult, that it makes the contractions a lot stronger, I figured I didn't know any different so I'd still give it a shot.  I was pretty determined!  I don't really remember how long it took for the contractions to start but once they did I felt pretty good about it, I was doing my breathing techniques and trying to stay as relaxed as possible.  

Wow I look tired, taken at about 7 am, contractions must not have been to bad yet!

Saturday 10 am maybe?
My midwife came in to break my water.  I don't remember what my progression was. 

Saturday 12pm-ish

My midwife comes in and checks me again, 3 cm and still almost fully effaced.  At this point my contractions were super strong, less than a minute apart, lasting for a minute.  I thought I for sure had to be getting closer, when she told me a 3 I got a little worried. I guess she could tell I was having kind a hard time with the pain, haha! She talked to me about getting an epidural. I was so so tired, in tons of pain, and throwing up.  I was still pretty persistent in going drug free, but started balling because I wasn't quite sure I'd be able to make it much longer. I was so disappointed in myself, I wanted so badly to prove to myself that I could do it! So many women do and I felt a little inferior, and like a baby if I wasn't able to accomplish this. My Midwife helped calm me down and realize that it was ok to get an epidural and that I shouldn't feel bad. Then, Randy was smart and asked the obvious question, how much longer would it be?   "Well usually it takes about an hour to dilate 1cm, so probably another 6-8 hours."  Are you kidding me, YES, give me the epidural, there is no freaking way I can make it that much longer! Of course after this decision the Nurse Anesthetist couldn't get there soon enough!  I think he got there and we signed consents, and had the epidural within 30 min. It was awesome! What the heck was I thinking?! This made labor SO much easier, I was relaxed, still able to feel and move my legs, and sleep!! There is no way I would have been able to push after being in labor for so long without drugs! I was so tired!

Once they got the epidural in me they had to turn the Pitocin down because my contractions were too strong and too close together. Yeah you're telling me! 

Saturday 5 pm

After all my relaxing my Midwife and nurse come in again to check me and decide that we are getting really really close.  They started prepping the room and prepping me on pushing.  I was so nervous I was shaking and getting really nauseous again. Randy thought it was so funny that I was freaking out because he for some reason wasn't nervous at all.

Saturday 5:30 pm-ish

It's TIME! I started pushing and only had to push for about 30 min.  Baby Sawyer made her debut at 5:56 pm.  6 lbs. 2 oz. 20 Inches long, a string bean! 

She had some issues with her O2 sats at first but she was pink and breathing fine so they just gave her some Oxygen for a little bit and eventually they came up.  Everything else was perfect! No tears or anything! I was so surprised how nice is was with the epidural, I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to feel anything! I felt the whole thing and was able to push really well.  About maybe an hour after delivery and nursing I was able to get up and walk and get in the shower.  It was so crazy to me not having a huge basketball there anymore!! 

After everything calmed down we took her to take pictures and then watched the nurse give her a bath.  Sawyer's head was definitely rounding out so thankfully she didn't have too much of a cone head for too long. 
First Bath

Cuddling with dad, Birth is hard work!

They only make you stay in the hospital for 24 hours after birth so we were lucky enough to leave Sunday night around 6.  We couldn't wait to get home! So boring day in the hospital, at least the Superbowl was on to keep us occupied.  My mom was preparing delicious 'Superbowl' food for us at home, it was delicious!  
Trying to suck her thumb

Ready to go home

I unfortunately didn't get the typical 'going home' shot in the car seat, not even one of her outfit.  You can see it in the background though.  It's the onesie I used to tell Randy he was going to be a Daddy!! 

A Lot to post about...

...We'll start of with the rest of my Pregnancy...
In November my mom flew me to Utah for my baby showers! They were so fun and it was nice seeing everyone! Here's a pic of me and my mom at her shower that she threw me, I think I was around 30 weeks? I don't really remember, but my mom also decided to take me to a 4D ultrasound! It was awesome and we LOVED being able to see the little one and get an idea of what she would look like! Seeing her now it's crazy how good these pics are!

After the showers my mom, sister, and grandpa drove me back up to MT and stayed for Thanksgiving.  I  successfully cooked my first Thanksgiving meal, mostly on my own!! I was so proud of myself!! We also had some of Randy's work friends join us.
32 Weeks

In December we were able to take a trip to Utah together for Randy's brothers wedding! It was fun to get to get his whole family together again and catch up! We always have so much fun when all the siblings are together! We got to celebrate the wedding, spend time with his siblings/nephews and attend the annual cousins Christmas party! We were also able to have a date night with a bunch of friends! It was so good to see them and catch up! We miss all our friends in Utah so much! Sometimes it is just so nice to go out and spend time with other couples! 

Wedding Luncheon                                                    

So happy to add another Sister-in-Law

Randy with two of his nephews

Pretty sure this is 36 weeks

38 weeks, Thought she was coming any day at this point, boy was I wrong!

40 Weeks and 5 days, got induced the next morning! We were so ready! Weird how you miss being pregnant, Randy thinks I'm crazy

Monday, October 17, 2011

A little update on my growing belly...

In case you haven't heard...we're having a GIRL!! I was completely shocked because I totally thought we were having a boy based on Randy's family trend, but we are so happy to break it and bring in the first girl grandbaby!  She is already being so spoiled by my mom, she is so excited to become a grandma!!  
Had her arms above her head, straight on face shot

I am finally feeling like my old self! I started to get really sick right around when I was supposed to start feeling better.  I would throw up everything, it was awful and made my twelve hour day shifts at the hospital miserable! Thankfully this stage only lasted about a month, I'm so happy it's over! I've started working out a little bit, but am still having a hard time getting back into a regular work out routine.  I count my work days as working out since I'm on my feet all day and walking around, but I could for sure do better! 

I started feeling the baby move around 16 weeks and it was amazing!! Randy finally got to feel her kick the morning of our ultrasound at 18 weeks! I love that he can feel her now, I hated it when I was the only one able to experience it! Nowadays I'm enjoying watching my stomach move as she kicks and wiggles around! I absolutely love it so so much! It's such a nice comforting feeling! 

Here are some pics, not the best of me but they show the bump!

20 weeks-not showing as much as I felt like I was! But she sits super low so  maybe that's why I wasn't showing too much.

21weeks, Shows the belly a lot better, but I also felt like I grew a lot that week! First time wearing maternity clothes, LOVED them! Too bad there is absolutely NOWHERE the buy them up here! 

24 weeks! I look a lot bigger than I thought in this one! Definitely having a hard time fitting into normal clothes! It's so frustrating, I'm hoping I can make it until I go to Utah in November for my shower to buy some more clothes! It's starting to get pretty chilly up here which makes my options on clothes even smaller! 

I have a feeling the time is going to go by a lot quicker pretty soon! I go to Utah in a month for my showers and once they are over we have the holidays to keep us busy!! I think before we know it little girl is going to make her appearance!  I've started nesting a little bit and am going to start working on her nursery! I finally made a decision on bedding and was able to get it so we could find a paint color! It's totally not what I was looking for but fell in love! It's from PB Kids and cannot believe how affordable it was! I'll have to get around to posting a pic of it! 

I've started making some stuff for the baby! I made a car seat cover, but need to see how it fits on the car seat before I can make the finishing touches! Today I started making a few headbands and clips! I have a lot more to go but they were super simple and I love how they turned out so far!  I still have some other stuff to work on that I have already gotten all the goods for so I'll try and post some pics of the other stuff I make when I get around to them!

A little off subject but thought I'd share this pic with everyone... I love it! Just shows how big  Thor is getting! He's weighing in at around 115 nowadays and has about another year of growth ahead of him still!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exciting News!

Randy and I are so excited to announce that we are PREGNANT!

Baby Petrey will be making its debut around January 30, 2012! Yep, day before my birthday!

We had been trying for about a year and a half to get pregnant so I was in complete shock when the test was actually positive for once, it took a little while for it to settle in! We had seen doctors and done testing to see if there was anything wrong with either of us to explain why we weren't getting pregnant when we were trying diligently.  After months of doctors appts. getting pushed back we finally were able to get seen and be prescribed Clomed.  I had to wait till the beginning of my next cycle to start taking it, turns out we finally found out the reason that doctor appt. kept getting pushed back, we were supposed to get pregnant without it!  I was so relieved that I was able to get pregnant on my own with out taking a drug that from what I've heard makes you CRAZY at times!

I was so so nervous to tell Randy, I haven't been that nervous in a really long time!  He was on the first day of his two day overnight stretch when I found out so I held out for a day to tell him so I would be able to do it in person.  When he's at work I always bring him dinner, and I'm not that creative so I just put a onesie in our take out bag!

When he eventually found the onesie he just looked up and me and stared.  He was so surprised and excited, he also couldn't believe it finally happened!

I am currently 16 weeks along and we get to find out the sex in 2 weeks! I can't believe it's almost here, so crazy! I wasn't too sick my first trimester, the vomiting came mostly my 1st week out of my 1st trimester! It is finally starting to calm down a bit and  I feel like I'm starting to get some of my energy back! All I wanted to do the first three months was sleep and lay on the couch, I was such a bum, I can't imaging having a kid and being pregnant! I'm sure I'll adjust when the time comes, and hopefully I'll feel better the next pregnancy.  I haven't taken any belly shots until now just because I haven't felt like I was really showing, this week it seems to me like I've really started to pop out, well from my view anyway.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Things We've Been Up To

This summer we've been staying pretty busy. Mostly with work but we were able to fit some fun in at times! I took a couple of short trips back to Utah which was much needed! It's so nice to be able to go back home and see family and friends! Randy unfortunately couldn't get work off to come with me! But for one of the trips I was able to bring a really good girlfriend of mine down with me! I had to introduce her to the wonderful home decor shopping we have available to us down in Utah, especially compared to the very limited and expensive options we have up here in MT. She very much enjoyed the trip (and the Shopping) but being from a small town in MT it was a little overwhelming! She hopes to return soon and enjoyed meeting the fam!

Towards the end of the summer Randy was sent out of town for training for six weeks! Suprisingly being away from him this time around seemed even harder than last time! I was able to drive out and see him about four weeks in so that made it a lot easier! We thankfully won't have to be separated anymore for that long of time, anytime soon, as far as we know! While Randy was gone my Mom and Kelsey drove up and was able to help me with some projects I had been wanting to do around the house!

We gave our front door an update!

Re-did our Main floor Bathroom!


I stained the cabinets, painted the mirror white and the room light grey, still haven't updated all the towels but so far I like it much better!

We also finished up our grass in the backyard, for the most part! It was a mess when we first bought our house, only about half the yard had grass and the rest was mud and weeds! This gave us lots of work to do over the summer. We seeded the majority of it on our own and then for the last few strips, bought sod. I am very excited for next summer to actually have grass and be able to enjoy our huge yard! The dogs sure do love it, especially when its muddy, they also love bringing the mud in through their doggy door and tracing it all across the house, that isn't really my favorite part!
Last Spring
This Fall! (The dead stuff is the new sod)

Now that Randy is home they are switching his hours up at work starting the beginning of October and so he has the possibility of working nights or late late hours so onto the exciting news, I have found a new job!! I have been looking probably for the past 3 months and there definitely aren't very many job opportunities in this town! So we are very blessed that I have found a new job right in time. Like I posted earlier I was employed with the Red Cross which made me travel about 90% of the time and being out of town, over night, about 2 weeks out of the month. With Randy's new hours we wouldn't be able to give our dogs the attention they need and would probably have had to be kenneled the nights we were gone, NOT an option! So I finally got a new job with Wells Fargo as a teller. Less money and hours, for now, but much better in the long run! I will be able to be home at night and they give more bonuses and raises than the Red Cross and will hopefully be more flexible with hours if ever needed in the future. So we're pretty excited about it!

Other news, Our little guy Gizmo unfortunately lost his manhood last week. Bella was in heat and he was definitely having a hard time with that before he was neutered! Bella would sit on the back of the couch and Giz would just sit on the floor staring up at her shaking and whining cause he just couldn't get it done! Haha, it was quite the site! So, the bad part is we won't be having puppies! But again probably better in the long run!

Now that we have a house I really wanted to get into decorating for the holidays and making our house feel really homie since we don't have any of our families around to enjoy their houses haha. So on my last trip to Utah I made sure I went to Tai Pan and Hobby Lobby to get a Fall centerpiece put together and I love it!

Since we got our nice camera I wanted to take some pics of Randy's uniform/Dog-tags I guess to remember this time and I love seeing him in this! For some reason when I first saw him after boot camp I totally forgot that he would be issued dog tags! So it was kinda weird seeing him wear these all the time!

I am so proud of all that he goes/has gone through for us to have the things we have and to be able to set up a perfect career path for himself! He puts up with so much at work and is constantly improving in all his training! He has been recognized by his superiors and has been given more duties than others in his group because he does so well. Hopefully this will mean early promotions, but that's still down the road a while! He loves the different things he has been able to do at work, a few things are repelling and shooting, and for the most part seems to love his job!

Monday, May 3, 2010

House Pics!

As I said in my last post we are finally home owners which feels amazing! We wanted to get everything set up and have our bedroom furniture delivered before posting pics. We still have some updating and other things to do but you get the idea! We love our place and hope to have some visitors during our time here! I didn't take pics of all the bedrooms cause two of the four are empty, one is a guest bedroom and the other is just filled with stuff we don't know what to do with!
Main Floor Bath


Master Suite

Master Bath