Monday, March 26, 2012

Our lives are forever changed!

My Labor Story

I figured I'd post this just because I don't want to forget it!  

We for some reason thought that baby was for sure going to come early, I was super active during my pregnancy and always on my feet, even though she was my first.  I think we just wanted her to come early so bad that we had convinced ourselves that it was going to happen.  The week before my due date I made sure to go to the gym as much as possible and run, hoping this would do the trick. Randy also made sure that I bounced on our exercise ball every night for about thirty minutes (another trick we heard worked).  Well no such luck.

As my due date (January 30) came closer we were really ready for her to get here! My midwife told me on my due date that she thought for sure I'd go into labor in the next couple of days.  We went ahead and told my mom to head up to MT just so she would be here to help our when we were in the hospital.  Well she came up and we got a whole week to waste some time with her! It was nice though it helped the time go by faster!  I had an appointment on Thursday, which was a couple of days past my due date, to get checked and to see if anything was moving along.  I hadn't changed a ton so we decided that we had better get induced just because of all the testing that has to be done if you go longer than 41 weeks, I guess.  Saturday morning we were set to be induced at 5am.  We were so excited, but still had another day to kill which seemed like forever of course!  

Saturday, February 4th - 5 am

We get all settled in our room at the hospital and I got started on antibiotics for strep B and Pitocin. When I checked in I think I was still at a 1.5 but almost fully effaced. At this point I was still planning on having a 'natural' birth.  I had heard that Pitocin makes labor a lot more difficult, that it makes the contractions a lot stronger, I figured I didn't know any different so I'd still give it a shot.  I was pretty determined!  I don't really remember how long it took for the contractions to start but once they did I felt pretty good about it, I was doing my breathing techniques and trying to stay as relaxed as possible.  

Wow I look tired, taken at about 7 am, contractions must not have been to bad yet!

Saturday 10 am maybe?
My midwife came in to break my water.  I don't remember what my progression was. 

Saturday 12pm-ish

My midwife comes in and checks me again, 3 cm and still almost fully effaced.  At this point my contractions were super strong, less than a minute apart, lasting for a minute.  I thought I for sure had to be getting closer, when she told me a 3 I got a little worried. I guess she could tell I was having kind a hard time with the pain, haha! She talked to me about getting an epidural. I was so so tired, in tons of pain, and throwing up.  I was still pretty persistent in going drug free, but started balling because I wasn't quite sure I'd be able to make it much longer. I was so disappointed in myself, I wanted so badly to prove to myself that I could do it! So many women do and I felt a little inferior, and like a baby if I wasn't able to accomplish this. My Midwife helped calm me down and realize that it was ok to get an epidural and that I shouldn't feel bad. Then, Randy was smart and asked the obvious question, how much longer would it be?   "Well usually it takes about an hour to dilate 1cm, so probably another 6-8 hours."  Are you kidding me, YES, give me the epidural, there is no freaking way I can make it that much longer! Of course after this decision the Nurse Anesthetist couldn't get there soon enough!  I think he got there and we signed consents, and had the epidural within 30 min. It was awesome! What the heck was I thinking?! This made labor SO much easier, I was relaxed, still able to feel and move my legs, and sleep!! There is no way I would have been able to push after being in labor for so long without drugs! I was so tired!

Once they got the epidural in me they had to turn the Pitocin down because my contractions were too strong and too close together. Yeah you're telling me! 

Saturday 5 pm

After all my relaxing my Midwife and nurse come in again to check me and decide that we are getting really really close.  They started prepping the room and prepping me on pushing.  I was so nervous I was shaking and getting really nauseous again. Randy thought it was so funny that I was freaking out because he for some reason wasn't nervous at all.

Saturday 5:30 pm-ish

It's TIME! I started pushing and only had to push for about 30 min.  Baby Sawyer made her debut at 5:56 pm.  6 lbs. 2 oz. 20 Inches long, a string bean! 

She had some issues with her O2 sats at first but she was pink and breathing fine so they just gave her some Oxygen for a little bit and eventually they came up.  Everything else was perfect! No tears or anything! I was so surprised how nice is was with the epidural, I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to feel anything! I felt the whole thing and was able to push really well.  About maybe an hour after delivery and nursing I was able to get up and walk and get in the shower.  It was so crazy to me not having a huge basketball there anymore!! 

After everything calmed down we took her to take pictures and then watched the nurse give her a bath.  Sawyer's head was definitely rounding out so thankfully she didn't have too much of a cone head for too long. 
First Bath

Cuddling with dad, Birth is hard work!

They only make you stay in the hospital for 24 hours after birth so we were lucky enough to leave Sunday night around 6.  We couldn't wait to get home! So boring day in the hospital, at least the Superbowl was on to keep us occupied.  My mom was preparing delicious 'Superbowl' food for us at home, it was delicious!  
Trying to suck her thumb

Ready to go home

I unfortunately didn't get the typical 'going home' shot in the car seat, not even one of her outfit.  You can see it in the background though.  It's the onesie I used to tell Randy he was going to be a Daddy!! 

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